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So what is this?

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

So what is this?

It’s simple. I’ve been listening to Jay Shetty’s OnPurpose Podcast, and it's just been incredible. The quality of the conversations, the depth of the topics and the many truly eye-opening insights continue to light a new, and exciting path in my life. And I'm sure to so many others.

But sometimes, I would listen to a podcast and forget the biggest takeaways, or those many quotes that deserve a minute to just sit and ponder.

The idea started to formulate with my family. My sister is busy in vet school, but wanted to have real talk with me and my mom about the many eye-opening topics. As I started to think about how to facilitate the convo, I came up with quick 5-10 minute episodes to remind me about the highlights & takeaways.

This is definitely not meant to replace the podcasts. I genuinely believe each podcast is a goldmine that everyone should explore, I’m merely sharing the gold that I’ve found.

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